From base camp to boulangerie

Client: Personal project 

Meaning to cook in Japanese, Niru is a multifunctional cooking system designed to meet the needs of the most discerning of backcountry chefs.

A trend that is rapidly gaining in popularity, gourmet backpacking involves preparing elaborate dishes over the course of a multi-day hike; menus often demand a variety of cooking methods ranging from frying to baking. As a result of not having their needs met by products currently on the market, these outdoor chefs often have to make do with homemade rigs that perform "decent enough" or lug along large and unwieldy contraptions that only perform a single task.

  Tony Wong via Backpacking Light ( link )

Tony Wong via Backpacking Light (link)

Niru combines the performance of  a convection oven, pot and skillet into one compact unit that can serve up the most exquisite of meals even in the harshest of conditions.