Speaking a new design language

Client: Personal project 

OPPO is a China-based electronics company that entered the smartphone market in 2008. Since then, it has gained a reputation for producing technologically advanced phones with excellent build quality.

In a market saturated with competitors, a solidly built device with groundbreaking tech features is merely the price of admission to the smartphone game. How can OPPO use design to stand out from the crowd, and transition from pushing product purely on hardware specs and numbers to drawing in users on a deeper and more emotional level?

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The new OPPOtype

  Oppo's current logo.

Oppo's current logo.

The redesigned logotype retains the lowercase element of the current OPPO logo, but improves upon it to become the visual embodiment of the new brand direction and its values. 

Constructed upon a base foundation of four uniform rings, the san-serif letterforms are clean yet strong in their presentation. Their rounded nature exudes a veneer of playfulness, but hard edged descenders balance it out with an air of professionalism.

In contrast to the dated look of OPPO's current logo, the new mark effortlessly tempers spirited exuberance with modern minimalism, creating a brand with the potential to appeal on a number different cognitive levels.  


A new language

The same vocabulary that went into building the new logotype is also present in OPPO's new physical design language. While current conventions demand device development be driven by pixels and inches, this new design execution strikes a balance between tactile and technological excellence. Material changes, surface transitions and color details all combine to create a unique aesthetic that is sleek yet playful, and one that instantly sets OPPO apart from the competition.