Samsung Headstart

Samsung Electronics China (2014) / Industrial Design

Project Lead: Patrik Pettersson
Designer: Rayyan Toh

Samsung was interested in exploring how they might be able to incorporate IoT into the lifestyles of young families in a meaningful way, with a focus on how experience of raising young children (aged 0-4) could be enriched and made easier through technology. 

Working in tandem with our research and engineering teams, we created product concepts that could be brought to market within a two year timeline.


Samsung Cherish

Inspired by the familiar shape of Russian nesting dolls, the Samsung Cherish is an interactive baby care system that consists of a environmental sensor unit and an intelligent caretaker device.

The sensorial component combines a camera, humidity and temperature sensors, white noise emitters and a two-way microphone and speaker system to help parents create optimal sleeping conditions for their children.

The voice-operated caretaker device serves as a digital nanny, keeping track of both baby and caregiver habits. By analyzing a multitude of data points, Cherish is also able to proactively provide information on how to better take care of baby.

Samsung SmartBlocks

Meant for children aged 3-6, Samsung SmartBlocks is a set of of 6 blocks that merge the timeless simplicity of building blocks with interactive technology. Each block is equipped with unique features to jumpstart all areas of a child's cognitive development.

With features ranging from color-changing to various forms of audiovisual feedback, these intelligent building blocks are able to create immersive play experiences that engage children on a number of different levels.