Imagining the future of wearables

Client: Samsung Electronics (2013)

Role: Ideation, Concept development, Prototyping, Visualization

While wearable computing has long been forecast as a potential multi-billion dollar market, current players in the space have yet to come up with a killer offering with sustained consumer appeal. 

Samsung wanted to push the boundaries of what wearables could mean, and come up with forward-thinking concepts that were relevant on technological, emotional and personal levels.

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Samsung Soul

Samsung Soul is a wristband that makes everyday communication between loved ones convenient, fun and intimate. It conveys messages and sentiments in personal ways that make you feel close and connected.

By combining a blend of sensors and visual/haptic feedback, Soul allows couples to grow closer by remotely exchanging preloaded emoticons, tactile squeezes and even their heartbeats. 

Samsung Guardian

Samsung Guardian is a pendant that automatically sends for help when it senses that the wearer is in danger.

It monitors biometric stress markers, and sends an alert message along with the wearer's location to a set of predetermined contacts when the they peak. 

Samsung Crystal

Samsung Crystal is a personal heads up display that automatically curates critical data and allows users to access saved information, personal notes and media files hands-free, making it quick and convenient to access media on the go.