Synopsys Zebu Server

Synopsys Inc. (2016) / Industrial Design

Project Lead: Ken Wood
Designer: Rayyan Toh
Engineer: Lucas Menanix
Design Support: Hong Ying Guo
Engineering Support: Jon Tackie, Elizabeth Marshman, Tim Serkes

Synopsys, a leader in the silicon chip design, testing and verification industry, wanted a design for its 2017 line of emulation towers that would reflect the cutting-edge nature of the product.

Being a company built on engineering and software prowess, having a coherent visual brand message and design language was completely new to them. We helped the client distill their brand essence into a key triad of elements: Speed, Reliability and Power - elements that acted as the primary drivers during the design and engineering process. Working closely with our in-house engineering team, we were able to create an aesthetic that was uniquely striking and also efficient enough for Synopsys' manufacturing vendors to execute within their tight production cycle.